Maxim 45MM Abc Blocks, 40 Pieces

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45MM Abc Blocks


Model: 38268
UPS: 647069382687
Package Quantity: 1

Among the many key features is the abc blocks help children start to learn their letters as well as begin to associate words to images. Other features include things like for ages 18 months and above. The manufacturer's number for this is 38268. The ABC building block set is 8.85" Height x 7" Length x 3.5" Width. The warranty information supplied by Maxim is limited lifetime warranty. Great deal on 45MM Abc Blocks .

Maxim 40pc 45MM ABC Blocks Brightly colored, fun graphics, at the same time as a 45MM size make these Maxim 40oc ABC Blocks the perfect blocks for any toddler. The chunky blocks help children start to find out their letters also as begin to associate words to pictures. This really is not only a beautifully crafted set, but additionally a fun one to play with! Ages 18 months and up.


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