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Braille Math Blocks By Uncle Goose

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By Uncle Goose
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Do you want to get your kids a block set? By Uncle Goose - a great ABC building block set by Lindenwood is an increadibly fun block set. In my opinion you will like that it comes along with this feature, set of 16 handmade embossed wooden blocks. It's 1.75" Height x 7" Length x 7" Width, visit the hyperlink below.

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Skillfully crafted within the United states by UNCLE GOOSE, our Braille Math Blocks consisted of 16 blocks embossed with numbers and math symbols (+, -, =) employing the Braille Nemeth code. A fantastic companion to our Braille Alphabet Blocks. On two sides of each block a number or symbol is impressed into the block in addition to all of the corresponding Braille cell and a series of dots to represent the number.

Remember the well-made wood blocks you played with as a youngster? These significant (1-3/4 inches square) , all-wood blocks are sanded smooth, beautifully embossed, and finished with child-safe, nontoxic paint. Recessed number and math symbols on two sides of each block feature Braille symbols. These high-quality blocks are excellent for both sighted and non-sighted children, providing hours of building, spelling, and math fun. The 4 remaining sides function painted numbers, letters, and animal pictures. --Tami Horiuchi This 16-piece math block set from Uncle Goose exemplifies that same fine craftsmanship. Also available is really a 27-piece set of Braille alphabet blocks.

Features List

  • Number words, alphabet, and simple vocabulary in picture format
  • Includes the numbers 0-9, plus early operations signs in braille
  • Set of 16 handmade embossed wooden blocks
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.75" Length: 7" Depth: 7"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 1.8" Length: 7.1" Width: 7"
  • Package Weight: 1.35 lbs.

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