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English Wooden Alphabet Blocks

English Wooden Alphabet Blocks4 Star Rating
English Wooden Alphabet Blocks
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English Wooden Alphabet

Snap and create with the English Wooden Alphabet Blocks . I do believe you will love that the item features complete with letters, numbers and animal pictures. Additional features include things like english 28 pieces, handsomely embossed and handcrafted from basswood. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experience somebody's boy or girl gained while using the product.

Help me to choose English Wooden Alphabet Blocks or Fun With Food Abc Food Blocks. english wooden alphabet blocks remember dvds

Brand:Uncle Goose


Remember when DVDs, MP3s and Tivo weren't a component of our lives? Our custom made blocks are simply timeless. We do. English 27 pieces Handcrafted and embossed with foreign alphabets, these wood blocks foster children's language and motor skills.

Features List

  • English 28 pieces
  • Handcrafted from basswood
  • Made in the U. S. A.
  • Handsomely embossed
  • Complete with letters, numbers and animal pictures

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