Uncle Goose Wooden Abc Blocks With Bag - Made In The Usa

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Wooden Abc Blocks With Bag
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ASIN: B00000J50F
Model: B-28
UPS: 794813002275
Package Quantity: 1

Children go crazy over this terrific block. 794813002275 is the bar code for this block set. I in fact liked that the block had the feature of blocks are handcrafted from basswood in michigan. Additional features consist of made in the usa. It's dimensions are 2"H x 14.75"L x 7.25"W. It has got a weight of 2.6 lbs. Lowest price Uncle Goose Wooden Abc Blocks With Bag - Made In The Usa .

Our classic set of 28 basswood alphabet blocks having a sturdy 7. The bag is hand sewn right here in Grand Rapids, MI and provides a convenient and durable storage container for when you're finished playing. 5 oz cotton canvas drawstring bag. Coated generating use of the safest inks made, tested and re-tested!

Like the alphabet blocks in Grandma's attic, these wooden blocks function carved letters, fancy scroll borders, and basic ink drawings. Unlike Grandma's blocks, however, these are printed with nontoxic, colored ink. Each block is a 1. Individual blocks feature four sides with colored letters, one side generating use of a quantity and 1 side making use of the image and spelling from the object beneath it, such as an owl or duck. Toddlers and preschoolers can use the 27 blocks to make all kinds of imaginative structures and to turn into acquainted with numbers and letters. The set comes with an attractive and sturdy canvas sack for easy clean up and storage. And to avoid destroying nonrenewable forests, they're made from basswood that's cut from industry-owned and managed land in Michigan. --Gail Hudson 75-inch square.


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